This is ethtrader yet almost nothing in the daily is actually about trading

"I did my part"
"Just bought some"
"DCA'D again"
"Random bullshit bullish post"
"All eth below $1000 is cheap eth"

For real guys. This is not trading. What is the moderation on here? The daily is filled with non-trading related shitposts, most of yall are bullish no matter what and I dont want to know how much you are down actually. Bitmex just opened ETHUSD leverage trading. Realise that DCA is not trading. Realise that this market is irrational and no matter how good the fundamentals behind eth or any other alt are, it will rise and fall, because that is the market.

TL;DR Stop the bullshit and start trading, /r/ethTRADER should be people trading and not hodling.

Rant over.

btw I wouldn't sell right now, because ETH/BTC actually just bounced off support + ETHUSD broke bullish on a 4hr equilibrium but if we lose support maybe shorting until the trend changes (again, maybe it just did) is better than DCA'ing and losing again and again and again?