How to Participate in the IMU Token Sale

This article serves as a step-by-step guide on how to purchase IMU tokens via imusify’s public token sale (ICO). So let’s get right to it!

Sign-Up Go to and click “REGISTER HERE”. Make sure to input a valid email address, and more importantly, a valid NEO wallet address. This is the address that your tokens will be delivered to! Check your email and click on the verification link from Register for the Whitelist Once you are logged in to your new account, you will be prompted with the Whitelist REGISTRATION FORM. Be sure to complete it with accurate information. Take the time to double check your NEO address! Once the REGISTRATION FORM is completed, you may have the choice to opt-in to the Private Sale. If you opt-in, follow the prompts and contact @natestrang on telegram if you have any questions or concerns. If you opt-out, move on to the next steps below! Complete the KYC/AML Procedure Next, Click the “KYC” tab in the top-left corner. (please be patient while the KYC widget loads).

Document Submission Make sure to allow your web browser to “access the camera” if you would like to use your webcam to capture the photos required!

Scan or upload an image of your passport or government-issued ID, following the prompts provided to ensure your document is readable. Record the “Liveness check” video. Follow the images provided for a successful recording. You should be capturing a short 5–10 second video (or uploading a pre-recorded one) that shows you: looking towards the camera, looking left, looking right, and then displaying your passport to the camera. If you’re hung up here, feel free to contact @natestrang or @jenniedlegary on Telegram and they’ll get you on the right track.

If you happen to upload outdated or incorrect documents, you will receive an email from BASIS ID, our KYC/AML provider. The email will contain a link that will allow you to update your documents accordingly.

If you ever need to access your information directly on the Basis ID site, you can gain entry using the password you received in the Registration Confirmation email sent to you immediately following your initial signup.

Final Steps Submit your address information and take a picture of (or upload) one of the following: bank statement, credit card statement, or utility bill. Review and accept the user agreement. Click “Encrypt” to encrypt your personal information… and you’re done! Look out for an email from Basis ID confirming your approval of the process.

Submitting Your Contribution Once your KYC application has been approved (within 2–3 days), you can navigate to the “Contribution” tab to purchase your IMU tokens!

Note: You will only be able to access the contribution tab once the public sale has begun.

As always, @natestrang and @jenniedlegary are happy to assist with any issues you may have during this process!

In rhythm,

The imusify team