GSENetwork (GSE) token already listed on crypto exchange

GSENetwork, a transparent and secure network designed for decentralized economies, has secured listing on and begins trading June 20th with a total supply of 100 billion tokens. The listing of GSE marks a key partnership with to grow the community and achieve the long-term goal of expanding GSENetwork to other economies, creating a fully functional ecosystem.

GSENetwork is operated by highly-customizable smart contracts and sustained by two-asset tokenomics – GSE and Gsero. GSE is the incentive for green-mining efforts, community participation and is necessary to engage with the GSENetwork which enables the network partners to onboard and build their customized trust network.

Holders of GSE tokens will be compensated with interest paid in Gsero, a stable token that enables the user to bridge transactions between the digital world and real world such as payments for bike-sharing or ridesharing.Gsero can also be acquired by selling GSE through or by mortgaging GSE to a Smart Stabilization Center (SSC). The SSC is a decentralized programmed virtual pattern with automatic adjustments of policy instruments derived from pre-determined rules that will regulate the activity of the two-asset token.

Submitted August 08, 2018 at 01:19PM by mamun15
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