Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Opportunity Calculator

Dear investors,

I opened few days ago a thread about my project but I think now that a presentation is necessary.

I will present the project and our first tool RTCA (Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Opportunity Calculator)

About us

We initialized the project Crossd few months ago with a simple objective : developing financial algorithms for cryptocurrencies market.

We are two on this project, my friend who is a French Ph.D student in Computer Science and myself a Swiss student in master of Science in Finance. This project is done beside studies so it's not a firm but we are now pretty proud of the result and we hope you will appreciate it.


Our first tool is RTCA for Real Time Cryptocurrencies Arbitrages which is a crypto arbitrage calculator platform.

The platform allows you to overview, track and filter arbitrages opportunities in the cryptocurrency market.

It also provides a step-by-step guide to exploit the arbitrage opportunity to make a profit as you can see just below:

Step-by-step guide actualized in real time

In terms of features, our arbitrage trading platform is able to retrieve in real time fees from exchanges (exchange,withdraw,deposit) and also withdrawal and deposit status. Arbitrages displayed are only arbitrages you execute right now.

The platform is also capable to do triangular arbitrage so by unchecking exchanges (except one) you will see arbitrages on the same exchange.

Our open pair mode allows you to make arbitrage with different initial / final cryptocurrency based on their USD/EUR value. (e.g. BTC->NANO->ETH with more ETH worth USD than your initial amount of BTC)

We have an advanced mode in which you can specify manually the amount you have on each exchange and our platform will calculate the arbitrage with your amount and only display crypto arbitrages you can afford.

After clicking on a cryptocurrency arbitrage, our platform will keep your position up-to-date and tells you in real time how much you will earn/loose even few days later.

Finally, we have numerous filters to improve cryptocurrency arbitrage trading and we support for the moment 7 exchanges and more than 350 currencies. We will add new exchanges in the next days and each added exchange increase the arbitrages opportunities exceptionally so our 1'500 arbitrages in average will be really small in a near future.

(Note: we are planning to create a web socket to let you automatize what you want)

Visual of RTCA (

Restricted access

This project is made for only few experimented investors because arbitrages opportunities are not infinite. We do provide a subscription plan in order to support the development of the platform and restrict the use of it. The prices are really low because our goal is not to generate tons of revenues (it would not be possible with this project) but only to receive a support from users they can earn back by using our platform. (It is the case now)


In conclusion, I am really grateful that you read this topic completely and very proud of this project .

I hope you will like it as much as I do.

We would love to hear your feedback or questions so don't hesitate really (really).

We want to improve our tool and the only way is by getting your feedback.



RTCA – Crypto Arbitrage Opportunity Calculator