What can be done against this Fomo3D-clone which is DDoSing Ethereum?

So, from what I gather, 0xDd9fd6b6F8f7ea932997992bbE67EabB3e316f3C is a Chinese Fomo3D-clone called "Lastwinner". This and two other top-gas-burning contracts related to it have been constantly taking up <50% of the block gas limit for days and keeping sensible gas prices around 50-60 Gwei.

Other than "we just have to wait it out" and "let's work on scaling solutions"1, what else can be done to stop this madness?

Do we know anything about the details of this game? What are the incentives? Who created/runs it? Who operates the transaction bot network which is flooding it?

Can miners choose not to include transactions to these contracts?

1 What do we do when we have Plasma and state channels, but Chinese ponzi schemes or our friends at EOS choose not to use them?

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