Even though the market is getting destroyed, development persists. A quick recap on some dapps below – Gods Unchained, CryptoKitties, Gambling, and Augur

Even though the market is in shit right now thought I'd bring attention to some bullish news in regards to various dapps:

  • Gods Unchained. They got $2.4M of VC funding, think "hearthstone but the entire card system is decentralized". Beta/early access in Q4, market place in Q1 2019

  • CryptoKitties. They got $12M of VC funding a few months ago. Recently they added the "kittyverse" which lets developers add minigames that cats can play. 3 minigames so far. They'll have their app preinstalled on HTC's new blockchain phone (https://www.htc.com/us/apps/cryptokitties/). This is huge imo, hundreds of thousands of people will own a phone that has a gaming dapp as one of it's default apps

  • Gambling. Whether you like it or not, for the past month gambling (ponzi/pyramid schemes especially) have been ethereum's primary use case. We got a Bloomberg article regarding this yesterday: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-08-10/gambling-apps-surpass-cryptokitties-as-blockchain-s-money-maker Some notable quotes:

    Players sent more than $40 million on the distributed application since the first version was launched in July, according to the game’s lead designer.

    That gambling is becoming red hot on the blockchain-based web — often called Internet 2.0 for its potential to tie tokens to various new functionality — shouldn’t come as a surprise. Gambling was among the first sectors to make it big on the original World Wide Web. The $40 billion-plus market for online gambling is already growing at the compound average rate of 11 percent a year, according to Transparency Market Research.

  • Augur. There is currently $1.2M at stake with 524 eth 24hr volume right now. There was a lot of criticism regarding ease of use & UI, hopefully the developers address this so augur can have a chance to go mainstream. /r/augur