Goal Setting – My goals I live by in general with crypto

This is how I remain calm and keep my sanity as a long term holder and believer of the crypto landscape.

Set Goals

My goals are as follows.

  1. Read and DCA
  2. Decide what portion of your stack you will never touch and what portion you want to trade with. For me I've never had more than 15% of my assets on the exchanges. I only spot trade when I trade.
  3. Set a price for one target at what you want to take some profits maintain your local garage band Rock and Roll Lifestyle. Basically recouping your initial investment and pay off something that you will never have to pay on again once you do it.
  4. Set your second price Target for which selling a portion of your assets will allow you to do some real magic. Personally I never want to sell more than 30% to achieve this.
  5. Down markets are an opportunity to dig deeper in the tech and make some decisions about larger purchasing opportunities.
  6. Be patient. Time is on your side. I'm talking about years not weeks.
  7. Watch for Black Swans.

Sticking to these goals as help me remain calm. What sort of goals do you have? What other goals should I be implementing?