Argentas a powerful second generation blockchain project


As a powerful second generation blockchain project, Argentas helps to build new open global financial system.

The Argentas ecosystem will be formed around its core HydraNet blockchain, network interfaces and bridge entities, and an eventual decentralized application platform focusing on global financial applications. Argentas has the potential to become the blockchain for global finance.

The opportunity

Global finance will ‘go crypto’, and there is no way back:

★ Bank accounts and banks as we know them will disappear and morph into blockchain network interfaces – blockchain will record transactions and hold ‘account balances’

★Bank services will become dapps, decentralized applications

★Enabled by the distributed ledger technologies (DLT), first time ever, truly global, instant and virtually free payments are possible

★ DLTs have first time ever made possible to create a truly global open financial architecture and system – without any central authority or control No one has so far created a ‘perfect’ solution to make this all happen: This is the perfect opportunity ahead.

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