Using geth results in a massive amount of incoming requests

This sounds super odd and if you read here: you'll see that the required ports to open are super limited so I've tried doing my legwork on this.

If you run geth and your IP gets reported to the network you get thousands of ip addresses and servers scanning your connection for every port and every protocol. Has anyone else noticed this. From the methodical way that they are coming in we just assume they are malicious and block them all.

My issue is that I tested geth on my local connection for about 10 minutes and now my home internet is being bombarded with connections. To the point that my internet can't really be used. Does anyone know how to remove a specific IP address from the network and if these massive incoming IP's should still be blocked. They are NOT on the RPC or 30303 listening ports. Also, please keep in mind these aren't existing connections.

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