How about stealing Zilliqa’s sharding model?

Proof of stake is taking longer than we all expected to develop and get polished for mainnet.

What if we delayed proof of stake and put a focus on transaction level sharding (like zilliqa does) and improve transaction throughput, we could work with Zilliqa and add this to Ethereum whilst Casper CBC is still being cooked up?

Of course this could be nieve of me to consider, Zilliqa is still in testing but they have an impressive 2000+TPS sharding system and could make plasma chains even more incredible than they are today.

Or is the team just focused on delivering the end goal product rather than making gradual improvements with cool scaling techniques like Zilliqa has?

How does the community feel about where we are with scaling right now? I'm kinda bored with the lack of progress and somewhat excessive confidence and optimism being churned out from the development team.

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