ETH futures – the impact

A shower thought that may just be totally bananas….

The conspiratorial view of BTC futures was that the price of BTC was pumped as high as possible prior to the introduction of futures to facilitate the shorting of BTC all the way down during 2018. What if for ETH the whales, big players and people in the know are trying to enact the converse: they want to (or least expect to) see a significant reduction in ETH price prior to the inception of ETH futures to allow it to be longed to the high heavens…

It would be an epic play – to introduce a futures market at the beginning of a bear market (BTC) and then to introduce a new futures market at the beginning of a bull market (ETH).

Thoughts? Too bananas? Too conspiratorial? Let’s not pretend that these things are not timed to allow the elites to profit as much as possible.