ETHos for scaling now-ish

About a year ago I asked about the possibility of running a consortium chain for Ethereum along the lines of EOS. Someone, I think Vitalik, mentioned that Plasma sidechains was a very similar approach to that.

However, from what I can see, Plama sidechains are generally not fully compatible with Ethereum. They use UTXOs, or don’t support the EVM, or are limited in functionality in other ways.

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, on the other hand, is moving forward with basically fully compatible Ethereum private chains that happen to use different consensus mechanisms (like proof-of-authority), run on server-class hardware, and have a couple orders of magnitude better performance than the Ethereum public chain.

The huge advantage, as I see it, is that the consortium chains are Ethereum, versus these side chains that really aren’t, even if they work with the public chain.

Why isn’t there an Ethereum consortium chain like AWS that people can run low-decentralization-needs Solidity code on with high TPS, that could interface with the public chain when needed (for example, saving your game avatars for sale on an Ethereum public non-fungible token exchange)?

Am I wildly off base here that this would be a large win for Ethereum?

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