Unknown tokens sent from my address

Just received an email from Etherscan: Hi ***, 100 (blockwell.ai KYC Casper Token) was sent FROM the address 0xMYETHADDRESS TO the address 0x3f5a7477b050a6ddaad22e0605b0788f4bf314c8 Token Contract: 0x212d95fccdf0366343350f486bda1ceafc0c2d63 Token Name: blockwell.ai KYC Casper Token Token Symbol: blockwell.ai KYC Casper Token Token Decimals: 18 WTF is this? I didn't have this KYC token and do not know what is it.

TNX: https://etherscan.io/tx/0x72887802cd3bb76851639b9c369c7cf1798840b5d13cdd762a860961611a210f

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