I’m not worried about Ether dropping. Im worried about Ether dropping against BTC.

Looking at the Eth to USD chart does not worry me that much any more, as BTC always drop when Eth drop and raise when Eth goes up. However, this chart has been going down and down every day.


A 40% dip since 30 days ago and 52% dip since 60 days again is not normal. And the other major altcoins like XRP and EOS do not even dipped that much.

Yes I want to believe in Eth tech. I wish it Eth is doing a major "jebaited" moment where it is just tricking everyone that it is falling out of the top 10 cryptocoins and then do a major 180 degrees switch and push everyone out of the competition. But everyday passes and I feel I am the one being jebaited. Looking at that Eth/Btc chart makes me feels more worried every day too.