A Question About The Storing Data on the IPFS

Hi! I had an idea, but I don't have any programming experience so figuring this stuff out is pretty hard for me. Anyways here's my question:

I know it's possible to store an encrypted file on the IPFS so that only people with ownership of specified public keys can access the file. Is there a way to make it so that the people who were given access can only open those files within a certain application?

For example: Lets say I have an application for viewing PDFs. I upload a PDF to the IPFS. I want to allow 1 specific person to view it using my application, but I don't want them to ever have access to the PDF file itself so that they can't copy it and send it to other people. I was thinking of somehow using an ERC721 token so that only the owner of a token is allowed to view the data associated with that token.

Possible? Thanks for your help!

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