A smart contract to take profits

Just musing about how I could make sure I take profits at the next ATH (which I sorely wish I did in Jan!)

I have a range of tokens, about half are ERC20 tokens, all on different exchanges and ledgers. Theoretically, it'd be cool to set a trigger, that would intelligently liquidates a %, once my overall portfolio value reaches a certain value.

Greed is a powerful emotion, that really fucks you if you don't fight it. It's easy to sit here now and go "OK, I'm definitely cashing out a chunk at the next big bull run" but once you're there you're like "Yay, I'm rich, we're never going down!!!"

Now, with ERC20 tokens this is fairly straightforward, presuming you'd use 0x or something. But how would you handle the other coins eg BTC, LTC etc.. Cross chain swaps transacted by a smart contract.


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