What is the cheapest setup to run a full Ethereum node for light clients to connect to?

I'd like to set up nodes that are performant enough to keep the network in sync and provide a peer for light clients to join. Not interested in joining mining pools, just running independent nodes that help the network in some capacity. What's the cheapest way to build a nodebox? I know the storage needs to be crazy fast and good, but how about the rest? Anyone have a decent recipe for getting geth to run on the cheapest-to-run possible machine (something like this but more accessible to the rest of the world – not able to get the board in Croatia).

If there's a way to keep it under $500 one-time-cost for long-term running and under $5 per month in electricity, I want to spin up around 10 of these independent nodes, one to three at each office location we have, each doing its thing and pumping redundancy into the network.

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