Long story short: My crypto story

Heard about BTC when it was 1 USD thanks to 4chan but never payed attention, saw it went to 1K and crash thinking it was the end of it. Bought a shitcoin named reddcoin forgot about it and left the space for a while. Somewhere in 2016 read about ETH and ethereum the technology they were building was solid AF, bought my first ETH for 7 USD held trough the DAObacle and ETC fork. Sold almost all around 100 USD/1ETH. Bough back in at around 300… then we went to the moon…

December 2017: I turned into a temporal celebrity among friends receiving calls everyday asking if they should buy crypto, I told them to buy several years ago but they ignored me, now IMO it was too late. Remembered about the shitcoin I bought back after the first BTC crash and checked the price, my initial investment was about 250X now… this hit me like a ball. Realized the shitcoin was still a shitcoin nothing of value was created by it in all the time I held it, it was a bubble. I sold all my crypto holdings waiting for the crash.

Today: ETH was the best investment of my life, it freed me from college debt and gave me enough to live for 2 or 3 years and work on projects I believe in. IMO the bottom is near but just not there yet, I still see so many shitcoins overpriced. Keep your eyes open and your ears sharp. After the dotcom bubble some of the best investment opportunities where opened for those who were ready to take them. Invest in development and technology not in hype, smoke and mirrors.

If I had to bet on a currency/technology that is going to make it and change the world I would still bet on ETH/Ethereum.