If you’re doubting making an investment in Ether, read this article on Hackernoon:

There is no other "smart contract platform" quite like Ethereum.

Cardano, EOS, Stellar, NEO, they are all *MILES BEHIND* in terms of developer adoption, sustainable scalability and actual usage. Don't believe crazy shillers, don't listen to ignorant fudsters.


One my favorite passages:

"If we look at the way business is conducted in the real world, there is a great amount of trust involved even with the simplest business transactions. Everything involves a contract, and things are generally supposed to work because of fear; one party is afraid that other will sue, so there is an incentive for the terms of the contract to be honored.

But in reality, the requirement of trust introduces a huge problem in the digital world. Business are global, and at times it can be hard to fully assess who you’re dealing with. And the same is true for online services. Ask yourself, when was the last time you read the terms of service of an app that you love and use?

Terms of service have become so long, and update so frequently, that it’s nearly impossible to keep track of them. Most people (myself included) don’t spend hours reading these documents, and this allows companies like Facebook to collect and sell sensitive data on their users.

The keyword here is trust. We are forced into trusting institutions because we don’t have a choice other than not using their services. But I believe that’s about to change. Technologies like Ethereum can bring the power back to users through virtual agreements called smart contracts."