BREAKING NEWS: New ASIC with 7.37x efficiency of E3

EDIT: it's 62.2x more efficient


The Beast is announced.

Just as I have said many times before, when they fear their hardware becoming worthless, which an Ethereum ASIC-fork-off would do, they will try ANYTHING to get ASICs to the masses. Now what would you do if you have developped an ASIC 7.37x 62.2x more efficient than Bitmain's and you feel a sentiment becoming stronger in the Ethereum community (to fork ASICs off)? EXACTLY I would put out a PR right then and there saying I will release 7.37x 62.2x more efficient ASIC miners to the market in the beginning of the next year.

This way they can kill 2 birds with one stone:

  1. Put Bitmain, their competitor, under massive pressure, who will now firesale their ASICs, getting ASICs to the masses.
  2. Getting ASICs to the masses prevents Ethereum to fork because community doesn't want to when they own ASICs. This protects their hardware.

Do you believe an ASIC 7.37x 62.2x more efficient than the E3 isn't long mining on the network?If that doesn't make eth devs fork, we definitely know they have a hidden agenda and that [tinfoil hat on] maybe some of the devs are compromised by Bitmain/other ASIC manufacturers. This is a multi B economy after all. [tinfoil hat off]

ASIC manufacturers are systemically exploiting and straight out scamming consumers out of their hard-earned money, the best case would be the new Zcash miners, let me lay it out for you:- In June a Zmaster A9 had a price of 10,000 and a break even time of around 70-80 days.- In July/August Zmaster A9 had a price of 5000-6000 and a break even time of around 70-80 days- In September Zmaster A9 had a price of 3000-4000 and a break even time of around 70-80 daysPersonal prediction:- In October-November Zmaster will be 1500-2000 and will have a break even time of around 70-80 daysNote: The ones who bought the Zmaster A9 in June still haven't broken even.

Do you see the pattern?First they pre-mine, then they manufacture their second gen, then they sell their miners in a very shady way laid out above. Once they sold them they crush difficulty slowly and will soon release their "Zmaster A9 Grande" and will do the whole thing over. Each time milking the miner community, as many people are naive and buying into this shady scheme, blinded by break even times which mostly only last 2-3 weeks.

NVIDIA and AMD are not doing this because

  1. They are reputable decades old public companies that haven't their core business in crypto at all
  2. They would get sued immediately for running a fraudulent scheme

Conclusion:If ETH doesn't fork ASICs off they are the enabler that allows small time miners to get scammed by ASIC manufacturers. I wonder how they can square that with their conscience.

At present, the company is still working on developing the product. Customers may begin receiving their miners in April 2019, according to the presentation.

If anyone believes that I'm sorry to tell you: You're straight out stupid or the most naive person I have ever met.

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