I Have Been Scammed by the ICO project Kryll, a France-based company.. What are my options?

I made a contribution to their ICO back in february.

It took quite a while to distribute tokens, so I didn't notice something were off at the beginning..

In April I expressed confusion about their model and me apparently not having met their KYC, I emailed them and got this answer: https://imgur.com/1NYMNg2

In June I emailed them that I would not just let them run off , and eventually have to report them to financial authories and police in France.. They told me I would get my money in a couple of days, probably to stall me..

I wrote to them in August also, but it seems they ignored my mails since then.. How do you get justice from a running token project like Kryll that are openly scamming non-french investors? I live in a european country and appreciate any helpful tips I can get..