We made a website that compares exchanges

Friend and I made a website that compares cryptocurrency exchanges on a bunch of stuff such as: fees, fiat support, payment methods, country availability, margin trading, decentralized, security etc.

We also show near real-time rates for every cryptocurrency with a market cap over 1 million USD, so users can use it to find differences in prices between exchanges as well.

Check it out here: https://exchangify.io

We made it because the amount of exchanges out there is so big it's hard to see the forest for the trees. New users can use it to find an exchange that supports their local fiat currency, but it's also aimed at altcoin traders who get more information about the exchange than when they would use CMC's market tab.

We're thinking of expanding by providing more market data (maybe orderbooks etc.). Would that be something the community is interested in? If so, what kind of data would you guys want to see?