We are bZx and WhaleLend: Ask us anything about earning interest from your crypto holding without giving up custody!

"bZx and WhaleLend are combining forces to introduce decentralized savings account for everybody

bZx is a protocol on the Ethereum blockchain for 0x-standard relays and on-chain DEXs. The bZx protocol allows DEXs powered by both 0x and Kyber Network to offer margin trading.

WhaleLend specializes in building programmatic investment products for cryptos. Our first product is an algorithmic margin lending service which essentially acts as a savings account for cryptos. Previously our savings account relies on centralized exchanges but now with the helps of bZx, the same is possible with decentralized exchanges.

You can read more about it here (https://medium.com/@b0xNet/whalelend-bzx-fe6a172c6613) "