Let’s Put the Polls to some Real Use: Signaling to Vlad Zamfir regarding ideas on Blockchain Governance

Vlad has written two Medium Blog Posts recently regarding Governance.

I reached out to him on twitter recently asking if he'd like to get some experimental Reddit polling done regarding his articles. He said Yes! This poll will run for 7 days.

Relevant Tweet

This is a call to action for EthTrader to read them first (if you haven't) and then vote your selection. This is a proof of concept for EthTrader to help those who do code work at the top better understand what a large group of traders/investors think.

Comments regarding this topic are appreciated below! They will be read no doubt. Please take the time to read through these blog posts because what he talks about is really interesting.

First Read this Blog: Blockchain Governance 101

Then Read the followup: My Intentions For Blockchain Governance

This is Vlad's own Google Doc where you can choose your level of interest in each of the choice if you'd rather do it that way. Either way, Vlad thanks you for your Donuts and time.

Thanks for your Time!

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