Calling Old School EthTraders

Some of you may remember me. I wrote this article in May, 2016 two weeks before the DAO hack, explaining why I invested more than I could afford to lose in ETH:

I'm now writing a book about my experience and what it was like to go through the highs and lows of investing in the ETH and believing in the future of a decentralized world. A big part of my experience has been EthTrader. I've loved you all, hated you at times (when you sold), and drawn close to this community as a participant and for the last year as a lurker, as I have focused on writing this book.

I still remember what it felt like to have a large stake of ETH in February, 2017 when I'd lost more than half of my investment and Bitcoin Maximalists and other trolls were telling us Ethereum was dead, yet we refused to fold. I had bills, mouths to feed, and a mortgage to pay. It looked like I’d made a serious fucking mistake.

But then when I was in Puerto Vallarta on February 20, 2017 suffering from food poisoning, in a cab at 3AM on my way to buy Dramamine to stop the puking, I didn’t care because for the first time I was in the black. Between February 2017 and April 2017 ETH shot up more than 500% to $40, and then beyond.

If you were around then, during those first Donut Days, can you share some anecdotes of what that was like? I’m interested in any particulars about how you felt and things you did in your normal life to deal with the beautiful euphoria and the mania. I’d love to consider including it in my book. I never experienced anything like it before, and I’ll never forget the camaraderie on this board, the constant holy shit moments, when we kept realizing that we had been right. I’d walk the dog all over town smoking cigarettes (I don’t smoke), listening to music and dreaming of what was next both financially, and in this new world that Ethereum would eventually usher in.

I appreciate any feedback at all. And BTW, this feels like December, 2016 when there was blood in the streets, ETH was $6 but development and silent momentum was building every single day. I’m a true believer, so take what I say with a grain of salt (and buy ETH).

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