Cryptomon πŸ˜€

TLDR: the basic idea is for a version of pokemon go, except done with cryptocurrencies, not pokemon.

Disclaimer: all of the below is an idea. I m looking for collaborators.

All cryptos are given a random stat weighting in classic pokemon style stats: attack, special attack, defense, special defense, speed, health, luck and crit max. This random stat weighting is the basic template for any given crypto. This can be modified by the developers to tilt a cryptomon towards certain characteristics, for example, taking 10 points away from health, and giving them to speed on a one to one basis. However, all cryptomons base templates have an identical number of points when added up.

When a wallet address is proved to the app that it has an amount of a given crypto, the public key for that wallet is used to generate a one time tailoring template. Tailoring templates all have a variable amount of stats and weights, so that each person's cryptomon is slightly different than the other cryptos.

Next, we have a decaying use factor, counted by number of transactions done in the past week. This is added to your balance. This comes into play later in game mechanics to help newbies, but the idea is also to reward crypto adoption instead of hodling. The anti cheat mechanism is that only 1 unique wallet spend per day counts.

Finally, all cryptomon's stats are multiplied by a logarithmic chart of the marketcap, where the top crypto by marketcap is the top of the scale. This is calculated in the background by the app while it is running in a low priority thread. Now, we have our crypto mons! πŸ˜›

Now to our world: You start the app by linking crypto public keys to it, or by moving coins into the wallet onboard the app. The reason for both approaches is for inclusion. Some people might have gigantic stacks, that are locked up in a vault, and don't want to risk anything if their phone is stolen or hacked. :O
People can link multiple wallets if they want. The use factor is derived from the wallet with the highest number of spends, while the highest amount is taken from the wallet with the highest amount. Perfect for hodlers with both a cold and hot wallet.

Your cryptomon's power is derived from the size of your cryptostack in your linked wallet, on a logarithmic scale, capped at 1 btc worth. You can level him up by acquiring more cryptocurrency. You can gain temporary powerboosts by spending transactions, but the best way to grow over time is to acquire more crypto.

In game transactions: Players can send cryptos to the cryptomon smart contract. The smart contract allows them to drop the spent funds as candies in the real world that can be picked up, much like pokemon in pokemon go. Businesses can spend tiny amounts of $$$ to drop cryptocurrencies on the map. Capturing a crypto candy is done on a lottery of all available players. Once a player walks into the area, the cryptocandy lottery countdown begins. During that time, all players who walk through the lottery area are tagged as being part of the lottery. The winner of the lottery is given their crypto candy and a hidden debuff that makes them less likely to win a lottery in the future if there are multiple people at the event. The cryptocandy is unwrapped and deposited to the wallet of the owner.

The idea is that businesses can drop a lottery down for a small amount anything from $5-$10 to get a large number of people in the area.

Now to cryptomon's moves, typing, etc.

Moves are able to be used upon hitting a certain level. They all have certain base power rankings and this is something for the community to come up with. I think that people who contribute to back an ico or even just crowd funded donations should have the rights to name and modify these moves at the start of the game. Over time they can be modified by majority vote.

Cryptomon's typing is also up for debate as is the type advantage chart. obviously copying pokemon outright would be asking for a copyright lawsuit, but I think that using their type chart as a beginning for a new typing chart isn't a bad idea. Lastly, players would be able to crate zones of control in game. It would be a vote feature, and these zones of control could be called stadiums etc. Zones of control prevent players from dropping candies of an opposing type until that zone of control boss has been beaten. So for example, all of the bitcoin players in an area create a zone of control. This forces businesses to only drop bitcoin candies. Then, the ethereum players in the area challenge the zone of control and it goes down. The zone of control goes into contested status, during which time players can duel each other. When a player loses a duel, they can no longer contribute towards zone of control capturing.