ApolloX Provides Top Notch User’s Data Security

Data privacy is a prevalent e-commerce dilemma that negatively affects both customers and sellers. Customers should have the right to access, destroy or control who can access their online shopping data but unfortunately, this right is not respected.

Centralized e-commerce marketplace companies have unrestricted access to all shopping activities and analyze the data to gain an unfair advantage over small vendors. They determine what products sell the best, start to sell those products and compete directly with the small businesses on their platform.

On ApolloX all shopping data is encrypted and permission enabled, only accessible to service providers with the customer’s permission, which protects shoppers and buyer’s privacy and cancels out unfair competition.

For more information on ApolloX and it’s benefits , please visit the website : https://apollox.network/

Submitted October 08, 2018 at 04:49AM by cobsunrated
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