Electrominer Mobile Blockchain Datacenter

Electrominer Mobile Data Center Units have been designed from the ground up by the talented members of the Electrominer Team, including Professional Architects & IT Engineers who have decades of experience in design,construction,and project development services.Electrominer Mobile Datacenter Units are housed in shipping containers,allowing high mobility for easy transportation.The maximum power load of one unit is approximately 165 kW/h,including mining hardware,cooling, control,and security systems. Each unit will utilize remote-controlled software monitoring the status of all equipment.

Mobile Datacenter Units are typically equipped with an exclusively designed air cooling system to solve the problem of overheating.Liquid cooling methods are reasonably efficient, but still require a lot of electricity — as much as 30% of the total power used by each datacenter unit. Electrominer Mobile Datacenters will be cooled using Smart Fan Cooling Technology, which is comparatively much more efficient,using only 10% of total available power.Electrominer also considers two-stage liquid immersion cooling systems as an alternative to the smart cooling system for the datacenters operating in severe weather conditions.To stay protected from unauthorized physical access, the datacenters will be equipped with a digital,multi-level access control which will only grant access to authorized engineers.

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