MIXIN NETWORK (XIN) — A free and lighting fast peer-to-peer transactional network for digital assets

As the challenge of Blockchain scalability continues to handicap cryptocurrencies ascension to mainstream adoption, an industry wide arms race has been launched to produce a distributed ledger capable of achieving faster transaction speeds without compromising security or decentralization. Although solutions like the Lightening Network, Raiden and Plasma currently lead the way, they still haven’t been proven to be the definitive solution for achieving true scalability.

In response to this, the Mixin Network brings to market a multilayered platform built to enhance the speed, privacy and security of transactions between digital assets across multiple distributed ledgers.

Every so often a new blockchain project pops up in the top 100 market cap list, and it leaves investors scratching their collective head to where it came from and what exactly it is offering.

That is most certainly the case for Mixin, which is supposedly developing a mobile-first platform that works to connect and use all currencies on any existing blockchain networks.

Website : https://mixin.one

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