Check out the stats from Gnosis’ latest prediction market tournament, and claim your GNO reward now!

Olympia is our series of prediction markets tournaments. Participants can try out trading in prediction markets through our platform, and win GNO tokens based on the accuracy of their predictions.

Here are the stats of our last tournament:

– Number of trades: 2,008

– Trade volume: 135,829 OLY (OLY is Olympia’s play-money token)

– Number of buy trades: 1,670

It is possible now for the top 50 users in the scoreboard to claim their GNO reward, so if you participated in Olympia, check out your position in the scoreboard now and claim your GNO reward on the Mainnet before 19 October 2018.

If you haven’t participated in this Olympia, don’t worry. We will be running a new Olympia soon with bigger rewards, so stay tuned!

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