The purpose of the project Mixin Coin

Mixin wants to create balance in distributed networks and traditional clusters, combining the advantages of both. The goals that Mixin wants to accomplish include:

  • The creation of all nodes on the network has authoritative, but reliable limits to ensure transparency and consistency of data.
  • Establish a network in which transactional fees are free with high bandwidth and low latency.
  • Creates an interworking protocol that connects all common block chains.
  • Transactions are anonymous and interact directly with reliable external sources.
  • Easy and secure account verification based on your phone number and PIN.
  • A secure encrypted messaging system ensures that no one can read the message other than the intended recipient.
  • Creates a friendly code system that facilitates compatibility for all Linux libraries and programming languages, allowing third-party developers to use this system to create powerful multi-function applications than.
  • Become the largest block network for mobile phones.

Submitted October 08, 2018 at 11:58PM by phicongduy11107
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