Blockchains LLC making a statement in Nevada.

Earlier this year there was a blockchain startup company that purchased 67,000 acres in the Nevada Desert. It looks like we finally have some more information on what may be happening. They released this video on youtube As well as attended a Tech Summit over at the Tesla Gigafactory with Elon Musk and The Governor of Nevada what could this mean for the Blockchain space as a whole and for Ethereum as projects start to Blossom? It looks like they are really aiming to change the way things are done, as it says in their video to "Change the world". in the Interview the CEO Jeffrey Berns says “If you think we bought enough land that we are the same size as the city of Reno, let your mind go on what we have planned,” he added. “There will be a huge physical presence and unlike anything that has ever been seen. What we will build here will change not just Nevada but the entire planet. It literally will emanate from here. This will become the blockchain center of the universe. And because of that, all that blockchain has to offer will start here.”

What could they be up to in the Nevada Desert?