Dropil (drop token) scam and censorship

Since dropil.com has banned me from their sub in order to censor out the truth I am reposting info. In several appropriate places in social media to inform people of the facts. It is 100% clear to me now that Dropil is 100% a scam or 100% incompetent or a mixture of both. Here is my latest post which resulted in a ban. Anyone that pays even remote attention can see clearly that the profits and data that Dropil displays about their trading bots is 100% fake just like everything they have ever said about how the whole system works.

Last thread I made on dropil:

 Not gonna waste much time this time, just the quick hard hitting signs. 

1.) Back in April when I posted about dropil being a scam, one of the main points I made was how dex magically gets the same profit every single day with a low margin of variation of + or – 5%. Then shortly after that the amount dex profitted each hour and day suddenly had huge variations and dex started actually having negative hours and day. But if you look at the monthly profit you quickly see that they just changed the fake profits for hour and day to have a large random value but made sure it still had the same end result on the number of drops they would lose from their vault each month.

2.) they made this new valuation change (that makes no sense at all as I outlined in my previous thread) and surprise surprise the day it goes into effect Oct 2nd. Dex suddenly sucks and has like 30% profit daily compared to what it has always had. But if you do the math you quickly see that it’s all coming out to where you will likely get about the same % of drops as you always did. The fake numbers are making sure it only loses that set amount of drops per month and since drops are worth .003 and they are valued at .005 the profit dex makes has to appear much lower in order to preserve the number of drops it gives out.

3.) it’s pretty clear that everything is running on a schedule that was fully planned. I’m sure this new valuation thing was meant to create hype and drive the price of drops up so they could sell off just as their 2nd ICO scam (truwho) was ending. Everything they have said has been a lie, they have adhered to none of their promises. They never bought a single drop because dex don’t exist and they likely never joined a better exchange because those exchanges likely wanted info and would do digging that they did not want to be done.

I said I would sound the warning horn when/if I believed the time had come and this is that horn, do as you please. Only monitoring I will bother doing of this post is to see if it gets deleted in which case I will spam it across social media. I sold all my drops over the last 3 days.

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