Let’s discuss about the ETH price when Ethereum is successfully scaled and many dApps are successful.

Let's assume that Ethereum reaches to a transaction per second (TPS) of 45,000 (which is equivalent to Visa) and an average TPS reaches to 25,000 with many successful dApps.

In this situation, the amount of money required for 25,000 transactions is 25,000 x $0.5 cents (the current gas fee) = $12,500 per second. Per day, it is $12,500 x 60 x 24 = $18M.

It means that only $18M will be the total buying amount per day, even if 25,000 transactions are done with new ETH buying. If ETH TPS reaches to 45,000 on average, $36M will be an influx to the market.

Considering the current daily trading volume of $1 T in this bear market, I wonder how you think about the future price of ETH on the basis of the above mentioned situation.

I understand about speculations, but I would like to discuss about the value of ETH based on real usages.

Any comment would be appreciated.