Circle aqcuires SeedInvest. My prediction is that soon they will tokenize the illiquid startup shares on Ethereum, to allow for the assets to trade where previously they needed listed on a major stock exchange.

I've been using SeedInvest for years. I have a lot of promising assets, but am forced to hold them until the company lists on a stock exchange or gets aquired by a listed company.

Every time, I think, "what if SeedInvest created ERC tokens from these shares, and used a decentralized exchange to allow for them to be traded?". Well, after logging into my account today, I saw that Circle acquired SeedInvest.

From the link (

"In Circle, we found a great partner with similar values and a well-aligned long-term vision:

  • We plan to change the way that businesses and people raise capital.
  • We seek to democratize investing and open-up new asset classes to millions of investors.
  • We will provide liquidity to private companies and other alternative asset classes in a way that had never been possible before through the issuing and trading of digital assets.
  • We believe that security tokens are the inevitable next step in the evolution of our industries and, together, we will be able to provide a true one-stop shop spanning issuing securities, trading and secondary markets for digital assets, and providing a seamless experience to the retail investor to benefit from all of this.
  • We look to reimagine the entire financial system as an open, global and connected digital economy built on blockchain infrastructure.

Circle is a market leading crypto platform and is led by an amazing team that we look forward to becoming a part of:

  • Circle is well capitalized and has solid investors (have raised $250 million from Goldman Sachs, IDG Capital, Accel, General Catalyst, Bitmain, Baidu, Jim Breyer and others)."

Excellent news. Sometimes the stuff happening in the background with nobody paying attention is the most exciting.

TL;DR: Circle will tokenize Seedinvest's startup company shares, where previously they were not-tradable. More revolution in the venture business.