1000X Faster Blockchain Games with Generalized State Channel on Ethereum, try it today on cWallet mobile

Today, we are thrilled to announce cWallet public alpha! cWallet is the first Ethereum mobile wallet infused with Celer SDK. It acts the gateway to Celer Network (testnet as of now). Through cWallet, you will enter a new world of off-chain dApps (cApps), that are more than 1000X faster than on-chain dApps.

Checkout a demo video and some technical highlights at:


Download cWallet at https://get.celer.app and try out some cool blockchain games with the most interactive blockchain UX yourselves!

cWallet also serves as a reference design, so that wallet developers can easily integrate Celer Network and dApp developers can easily transform their on-chain dApp to “cApps”. If you are interested in building or collaborating, checkout our SDK and join cPilot early developer program!

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