Minimum ETH price as ERC20 aggregate value

Across the crypto media I've read in a few different sources that Bitcoin price has a bottom defined by miners. If the price goes through some level (probably 6k USD at the moment) it creates incentive for big miners to buy up the supply as their expenses to mine are greater. Without further speculation as to whether this is true, let's assume it "kinda" is. (Although the other viewpoint is that the hashpower is a just a lagged moving average of the price, which kills the whole idea)

The conjecture is: The same thing applies to Ether prices plus more to it. Namely, Ethereum network secures a whole bunch of ERC20 tokens that are worth as of now 50% (rough estimate which may be imprecise) of the network itself. So assuming the miners are buying up the excess supply if the prices are low, should ERC20 projects also jump in (provided they have funds) to buy up supply if the price is low?

If so, do you have any ideas as to how we can derive a value model for the price given this assumption?