Announcing Settle’s launch! (Nov. 12)

Hi! We’re thrilled to announce that Settle will go live on November 12, 2018! 

(Settle's brought to you by the Concourse Open Community)

Settle looks like this, and it's highly customizable

We can’t wait for you to check out the new operating system for decentralized finance. We’ll let you know more about why we’re so excited as we get closer to launch, but for now , read about all of Settle’s features on our homepage, and while you're there —

  • See how easy it is to deploy Settle apps or go ahead and apply to be a developer on Settle
  • Apply to be a Chat Hub Owner on Settle (link on homepage)
  • Get excited about our 50/50 subscription share with app devs and Chat Hub Owners (link on homepage)

Also, look for us elsewhere—

  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Ask questions, give suggestions, or just check things out on our Discord

Note — We’d been pushing for an October 29 launch, but we need to take a couple more weeks to make sure everything’s ready. Apologies for the delay, but we think it’ll be worth the wait. 

📆 Mark your calendar for November 12!📆

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