Why TF do we need Centralized Exchanges? We Don’t.

It's the constant battle that we face as those that want to reach a truly decentralized internet. Cryptocurrency has provided us with this to a certain degree, but we are still reliant on exchanges (for the most part) to buy and sell the tokens we need. HOWEVER, almost all exchanges are still extremely centralized. IMO, if you are able to store your tokens on an exchange, than that exchange should not be considered decentralized. It seems that the only way to have a truly decentralized exchange is through wallet to wallet transfers, and the exchange really just works like a Craigslist.

I think the exchange I'm personally most excited about is Ethex.market for this reason. Only direct wallet transfers, P2P transactions.


Otherwise, anything besides this example is not decentralized (Binance, Huobi, HitBTC, etc). If I'm wrong, change my mind.