PSA: do not use Revolut if you’re dealing with cryptocurrency!

One month ago I was warning about the many scams running on LocalEthereum ended up working for me, but traditional banking fucked me. In one transaction, I sold almost 15 ETH on LocalEthereum, funds released from escrow, and now more than two weeks later I got this:

Note that I had a balance on Revolut even before that transfer, which they did't bother mentioning.

So 15 ETH lost, and more than 3000 EUR lost as well, plus the previous balance, + time lost, + stress, + lawyer costs.

After searching their message on Google, it seems that I'm not the only victim of this business practice. I'm obviously sueing. Wish me normality (therefore not luck, because I shouldn't need luck to get my money back + damages)!

I'll keep you guys updated. Do not use Revolut!

P.S. đŸ¡† A banking license is a selective scamming license. The fact that they're able to do something like this without even bothering to explain why they did it… it's scarry. We must bury banks and the old monetary and financial systems.