Some thoughts/ideas for the next Devcon

1) Broadcast live from every room. There are plenty of people around the world who probably would like to watch some of the more obscure talks or ones that the organizers think would be less popular.

2) Make a replay of each talk immediately available–not just of the main stage. Waiting two months in this day and age for a recording seems anachronistic.

3) Ensure the audio and video quality of all the rooms is as good as that of the main stage. This should also include any accompanying slide presentations.

4) Have Devcon ticket buyers select which talks they would most like to attend in order of importance. And the talks that get the largest demand/votes should be put on the biggest stage. This way, the customer gets to decide, not the organizer.

5) Have the conference at a venue that can accomodate all, or most, of the people who'd like to attend. If tickets sell out in 5 minutes, then surely demand is much greater than supply, and should be fixed.

It'd be nice to see these measures–or some variation thereof–as well as others, implemented so the next Devcon experience is even better. Hopefully, this is seen as constructive criticism to help improve this most important event for the Ethereum community.

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