We’re trying to make decentralized finance the killer ethereum app, but we have a big unfilled need: More community complaining is needed ASAP.

We’re building Settle, an operating system for decentralized finance. Settle purpose is to make it super easy for people to build, deploy and monetize the tools that will make operating within the decentralized financial paradigm better than the legacy financial paradigm.
What are the most annoying pain points about trading, speculating, borrowing, lending and operating within the space?
We’ve had over 100 developers register interest (hackathons + Settle Developer Program) in building apps on Settle, and we are doing everything we can to help them, but one thing we would really like to know is what are the biggest problems you have right now? What’s the most annoying part of your day? What’s one thing that prevents you from making more money*?

If you’d be open to doing a short call sometime with me or another team member to talk about what pains you, Fill out this 2 question form: https://settlefinance.typeform.com/to/x4TefC
If you’d rather just drop it in the comments, we’d love that too!

*Note: we can not make ETH go up…. directly.