Imusify Features and Solutions

The features of the platform include:

Audio Player

Users can upload songs, podcasts, and audiobooks among other content that can be distributed and shared within the platform or externally.

Curate Content

Users can vote for content, which will allow for the curation of good and bad content. Users are rewarded in IMU tokens when they participate in making sure that content provided by Imusify is of high quality.

Creation Of Channels

Users are able to create their own channels with even playlists that are based on different topics and tags. Users can also invite others both from the platform and outside the platform using email so that only invited members will have access to the channel.

Imusify Solution:

The imusify platform builds on the solutions provided within NEO Smart Economy and implements several proprietary solutions to address the problems of scalability and security, hampering other distributed applications.

These solutions allow the imusify platform to (i) surpass the scalability limitations by reducing the volume and number of transactions, required to be validated on the main chain; (ii) implementing digital identity and automated content screening solutions to prevent fraud and copyright infringement; and (iii) allowing each user to generate revenue by content production, ownership or curation, depending on their role in the economy.

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