Dear BTC Maximalists feat. Coindesk: Your FUD won’t stop us

It's really getting obvious: From a technological/developmental perspective, Devcon4 was a big step forward. (let's not talk about price, it's just pretty tough in a real bear market we're having right now) There is so much going on, people are sticking their heads together and actually buidling stuff on top of Ethereum. The Ethereum network itself is maturing too in terms of scaling, security and (real) decentralization. Now don't get me wrong: I'm not naive, there is still work ahead, there will be setbacks, some dApps will turn out to be experimental or simply superflous, but for now, I'm just overconfident that Ethereum will prove itself as the working solution for the decentralized web 3.0.

This is a movement that can't be stopped and it it keeps getting attention and attracting more and more developers and enterpreneurs.

What's obvious too: Those grumpy BTC maximalists and Coindesk who are again spreading their tweets and articles right after Devcon4 looking for flaws to make it look like ETH is full of problems. You can really feel, how the maximalist community is getting pissed more and more: "oh, if it's not Bitcoin, it can't be good, it's shit blah blah …"

It has been said by many users in this sub but I'm happy to repeat it: Please do not post Coindesk articles, even if these are positive on ETH (which they actually are sometimes in order to pretend they're balanced), as this news outlet is completely biased and they don't deserve our clicks. This doesn't mean we should remain critical and discuss potential problems or actual flaws. But let's not fall victim to those who are just tribal and toxic.