Features on the DApp of Karatcoin

Features on the DApp of Karatcoin:

Fast execution

10 technical indicators

Detailed market analysis

Vote for gold mines

There are 50 leading electronic currencies

Update news

Secure encryption SHA512

85 currencies are supported

Direct communication with Blockchain in the Web:

Manage your gold products

Check out Blockchain transactions

Direct deals

Cross platform available


Our vision is to create a new economy that supports steady investments and positive investments related to market volatility and to promote collateral needed for future projects and It also provides an ecosystem for developers to use Karatcoin token as a framework for a variety of application development, thereby accelerating the adoption of blockchain technology.

Karatcoin is a very good project to invest. It is because of the high security, professional staff, moreover, that the investment in the project greatly increases the development of it.

Website: https://karatcoin.co

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