How Betform Is Changing Gaming’s Rules With Its Blockchain Platform

Crypto-games are a real demand; in recent months, different games have surfaced using crypto in one way or another. However, despite the progressive growth, only a small number of them have adequately integrated the innovative mechanics of Ethereum or Bitcoin, powerful tools that offer a genuine decentralized experience. In essence, most of these games – with specific exceptions (i.e., Crypto Kitties) – could pass as ordinary.

Even so, the flexibility of this technology proves that its elements could be integrated seamlessly into games without destroying what made them fun in the first place. That is why Betform has developed a unique platform where the use of cryptocurrencies and blockchain generates a reformulation of approaches, showing a real opportunity to generate tokenized profits based on bets and immutable algorithms.

Submitted November 09, 2018 at 08:24AM by AgilePaleontologist
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