Biohal Ecosystem Imbibed with PROTEO Test for Early Detection

Early Detection is the key word here in the Biohal’s ecosystem. Biohal has established a partnership with inspection institute and established an innovative liquid biopsy, cancer screening test product named PROTEO, as the first partner.

Detecting illness especially terminal ones like Cancer is complicated to predict and the course it may take in the patient’s body. The current cancer examination, even the PET scan, has difficulties in detecting lesions of several millimetres. It provides only the visual information, and a biopsy must be performed based on the visual information. This puts a burden on the patient’s cost and time. The traditional tumour marker tests are not able to identify primary cancer sites yet.

Cancer progresses at different stages in different people. Tumour markers are known to cause inflammation in the Cancer cells. This is where liquid biopsy comes in. It is minimally invasive and has cancer markers. But it is unsuitable for detecting Cancer since it is difficult to extract the target substance from the available blood sample.

To overcome these roadblocks, PROTEO, a super early cancer screening test came into picture which is capable of detecting cancer at stage 0. As of now, the minimum cancer detection is from 5 mm to 1 cm. PROTEO technology can detect cancer as small as 1 mm. It has been successful in detecting molecular level cancer.

This is the only test method that can detect cancer with the minor blood sample sent by the patient. It determines the cancer risk in three stages :

  • A (low risk)

  • B (followup required by the patient)

  • C (high risk)

Pros of PROTEO

  • Early Detection of Cancer at Stage 0

  • Minimally Invasive

  • No radiation exposure

  • No diet restriction required before starting the test

  • The blood sample is taken at home without any hassles

PROTEO uses biochips for highly sensitive detection of cancer-related substances. It detects only the target substances leaving out the healthy cells and has very little influence over them. With the early detection process,

PROTEO surpasses any traditional, existing methods and brings preventive examination to the next level. People around the world can get their hands on the PON tokens and enter into the Biohal ecosystem for preventive medicine Cancer detection from Biohal.