News from Roman Mandeleil (Ethercamp, HKG)

Remember when Roman Mandeleil exited the scene shortly after raising millions with his ICO for the Hacker Gold token?

It has always been a bit of a mystery as to what exactly happened. Rumours were that he was caught with ill health, though that doesn't really explain the radio silence. Perhaps it would be best to just leave him alone – but perhaps he hasn't really earned that, considering he never bothered to volunteer any kind of explanation or apology over a year after the disappearance.

My theory is that he decided he had had enough and he simply had made enough money to just bail on everything and everybody that supported him and his project. The ICO finished in December 2016 when ETH was worth less than $10. Imagine how bad he must have felt a few weeks later!

Really though, don't worry about him so much, he has been having a great time with your money!

Cheers Roman!