Why am I excited about CryptoCurve project?

A couple of days ago I was surfing the Internet and looking for some good airdrops and bounties to take part in. I found several good looking projects, marked them and registered to get back to work next day in the morning and already was planning to go to sleep but suddenly another bounty attracted my attention. I decided to check this activity and find out whether it’s interesting or not. This was CryptoCurve bounty program.

There were many different tasks and I decided to try completing some of them before going to bed. I didn’t notice how 3 hours past 🙂

At first I was trying to do the tasks mechanically, without reading about the project carefully and even didn’t know well what it was about, what the main idea was and what things was making CryptoCurve special.

But some of the tasks were really tough and one should have had some knowledge about the project and the idea to be able to complete them. Well, I decided to read the information on the website and in the whitepaper. And I must say I understood quite fast that this was not another airdrop project I used to take part in. CryptoCurve was something bigger, this project looked very strong and technically high-leveled. The team also looked well, the guys were quite experienced and seemed trustworthy.

I also liked their products, especially CurveWallet — a new generation cryptocurrency wallet with many useful features and options built in.

I liked these options most:

Nuke. This function is used to control your crypto portfolio. Using this feature you can easily trade CURV tokens for any other cryptocurrency, some other tokens or fiat money. Investor can easily create a diversified portfolio containing many different assets.

Portfolio Tracking. Using this function investor can watch the whole crypto portfolio, getting all the necessary and complete statistics and data in real time.

Fiat Gateway. Using this function user can trade his fiat money for CURV tokens in easy and fast way. The reversal trade is possible also. So, using this option along with Nuke investor gets fully functional exchange and fast crypto/fiat exchange. And all this — available in his smartphone!There is no need in visiting traditional crypto exchanges or other exchange services. There is no need in writing down dozens of private keys and crypto wallets addresses.

ICO Pooling. This option gives investors an opportunity to take part in ICOs with high minimal investment limit. They do it collectively decreasing the individual minimal investment limit.

ICO Investing. This option makes KYC-AML verification process available for the investors just inside the wallet. After passing KYC once they are able to take part in many ICOs in future without redoing this process again and again.

And finally, Decentralized exchange. This function lets decentralized token exchange process available to the users. In fact this is fully functional built in decentralized crypto exchange. Is this awesome? Sure it is!

What can I add? If CryptoCurve makes such a wallet and it will work properly as it was described on their site I would be one of the first guys who will begin using it 🙂

So, I’ll continue watching this project and hope this guys won’t make me disappointed. The ideas is great, now it’s a question of proper realisation.