We’re the MyCrypto team — AMA!

Hey all!

Last week we announced that we were going to be doing an AMA and today is that day!

Our products include MyCrypto.com, the MyCrypto Desktop App, EtherScamDB, EtherAddressLookup, and MoneroVision.

We'd love to answer questions about anything, including:

  • Our products and how we build them
  • What is in the pipeline for our products
  • Technical stuff
  • Our remote team / environment
  • Blockchain/Cryptocurrency
  • How to get your foot into the door
  • How to develop useful skills for this industry
  • How to succeed!
  • Anything else!

In this thread, you may see some or all of the following MyCrypto team members participating:

We'll start answering questions shortly after they begin rolling in, and don't have a set time to stop answering… so feel free to keep them coming!

There are also a few questions that were asked in the previous thread that we'll post answers to in the comments.

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